Welcome to Siara Logics (cc).

This website is dedicated for publishing independent original works including 'free and open source software' (foss) for the benefit of software developers and end-users.

I am a part-time researcher working on data storage and transfer in three-tier architecture, Data Compression, Database management and Conservation of resources using low-energy devices.

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This section publishes original articles about discoveries or inventions.

A formula based approach to Arithmetic Coding

This shows how Arithmetic Coding can be performed by using formulas instead of intervals. Compression and decompression is demonstrated using a spreadsheet.


This section publishes working libraries and systems.

CSV Parser

This is a simple CSV parser, but in addition to complying to RFC4180, it has additional features as listed below:
  • Support InputStream and Reader
  • Restrict size of data column to avoid buffer overruns
  • Support inline comments
  • Keep track of line number for error reporting
GitHub for CSV Parser

Multi-level CSV

Multi-level CSV (csv_ml) is proposed as a lightweight data-interchange format compared to JSON and XML.

csv_ml is expected to
  • save storage space
  • increase data transfer speeds
  • be faster to parse compared to XML and JSON
  • allow full schema definition and validation
  • make schema definition simple, lightweight and in-line compared to DTD or XML Schema
  • allow database binding
  • be used in EAI (Application Integration) for import and export of data
  • be simpler to parse, allowing data to be available even in low memory devices
The given demos convert between CSV, XML and JSON (CSV to XML DOM, CSV to JSON, XML to CSV).
GitHub home for Multi-level CSV Screenshots
HTML document with screenshots PDF document
Runnable Java Swing Demo application Demo Android application
Online Demo Applet
You may have to install java-plugin
and change security settings
Online javascript demo