Example 1.1: Conventional CSV

Example 1.2: Conventional CSV without Header

Example 1.3 and 1.4: Conventional CSV with Header and Node name

Example 1.5: Multiple nodes under root

Example 2.1: Multiple level CSV data

Example 2.2: Multiple level CSV data with siblings

Example 3.1: Node attributes and content

Example 3.2: Node content

Example 3.3: Quote handling

Example 3.4: Inline comments and empty lines

Example 3.5: Changing root node

Example 3.6: Namespaces

Example 3.7: Re-using node definitions

Example 4.1: Specifying Type and Length

Example 4.2: Default value

Example 4.3: Null values

Example 4.4: Precision and Scale

Example 4.5: Date and Time

Example 4.6: Special column id

Example 4.7: Special column parent_id

Retrieving data for Example 2.1

Retrieving data for Example 1.5